Friday, February 25, 2011

Whats Everyone Been Doing?

Savannah & Mom


Jimmy at State

Jimmy taking 1st at Zone

Anyone out there? After almost two months I'm sure I have lost most of you readers.
I haven't written because I decided at the 1st of the year I would end my blog. So I wanted to do one last entry with a well written bang! Well I haven't been able to make myself sit down and write something; well something I feel that would convey my feelings so I have procrastinated. I can't remember if I made New Year resolutions. But if I did ,that would be one of them NO PROCRASTINATING!

The last two months have been good. I am feeling better. Some days I feel great and the next I am exhausted. Basically I think this will be my life the next year but that's fine. My bones hurt less and less. I still tire easily, I think its some of the meds I have to take. I definitely don't have as many Dr. Appointments, I hope that saves on the money. So health wise I feel good as well as the family. A lot of people have been getting sick but knock on wood my kids haven't. I think the flu shot has helped them.

For the latest BIG news-

1. My little Savannah turned 8 and got baptized. She was so excited and looked so cute. We had family and friends come celebrate this occasion with her, that made the day even better. I am so proud of her for making the decision to get baptized.

2. My parents got their mission call to the West Indies. They are excited and well, full of many emotions. They leave April 11Th. I am happy and excited for them. They are great examples to the family. Although I am happy for them I am sad for me. I am going to terribly miss them. I talk to my mom a couple of times a week and when ever I need a change of scenery I take my kids and head to Grandmas house. Now where will we go? Any offers?

3rd. My son Jimmy took 1st in Zone (wrestling)and took 4Th at State. We are so proud of him. He has only wrestled the last two years. Not bad for basically just starting out. State was in Reno, so we drove up with the kids except Asia and Savannah. We knew it would be hard on them, with the drive up and back and then sitting in a gym for 2 days straight. Oh did I say it would be hard on them I meant it would be hard on me. Haha

Well this is the update on me and the family. We are still here. Going to school, doing homework, doing laundry, making dinners, cleaning, trying to fulfill our Church callings the way we should and just being together as a family. You all know, the usual.

I will really try to sit down and finish my last post this week, or maybe the next!

No Regrets,

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year's: Look Not behind Thee

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! How has the first week gone for everyone's New Years Resolutions? Did you even make any or think about it? How has your success been so far?

For me, I did ok, but by Friday I realized I need to change a few of them. I don't want to change the goals I have chosen, but just how I thought I would acheive them. I posted the New Years video because I really liked the message. This past year has been very hard, it has been very spiritually uplifting, life changing and something I don't want to forget (at least the lessons I have learned). There have been moments when I am so happy it is over, and then the anxiety creeps in about what may happen. Will I ever have cancer again? What trouble may beset me in the coming years? I have come to the conclusion that: 1). I am going to learn from the past. Try hard to put into practice those things that have anchored me. 2). Pray I will be prepared for the future. Stay close to the Spirit and let it guide me. 3). Just live life to the fullest right now. Enjoy what I can accomplish, and relish the time I have with my sweet children in a much more healthy body.

So with that said I am excited in what lies ahead for the future. I am ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I sound so excited and brave, but none of us really know what lies ahead? So let's just know whatever it brings, we will be able to do it!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas !

Wow! I guess it's been awhile since I have written. This month has been a busy one. I tried posting once but couldn't seem to express my feelings on paper(computer).
Up until last weekend I have been in pain, it has been on my left side from my eye down to my shoulder, armpit and then back. I have been going to Dr's all month trying to figure out where its coming from. I know it has something to do with my lymphatic system. Anyway for whatever reason I have felt better this week. My kids think it has something to do with them being on school break. They may be right!
This Christmas I didn't start shopping until this week and its been kind of nice. Instead of shopping I have enjoyed looking at the Christmas lights and reading Christmas stories to my children. We have TrIeD to do many activities that were centered around Christ. I have thought a lot about Mary and Joesph. We would not be celebrating Christmas without the birth of Jesus and what he means to us and yet I think of Mary how pure she must had been to be chosen to be his mother. I am in awe of her, what a righteous women she must have been. Studying her and Joesph make me want to strive harder to be a good mom and worthy of my children. I feel like last year at this time I was tired, sick and stressed. I can't help but think about where and what me and my family were doing last year at this time. I had gone through 3 surgeries and had started Chemo. As I write this I can't seem to contain my emotions. On Christmas day last year my husband shaved my head. I remember just staring at myself bald and my little kids faces, their faces will be embedded in me forever. As my family had gone to bed I went in the bathroom took off my beanie and didn't recognize the person before me. What a year. Anyway, as I was saying I feel like last year I was preoccupied and didn't help my children focus on what the true meaning of Christmas is all about. So we have enjoyed celebrating this season.
Every year I tell myself that I am going to do a Christmas letter, and now its almost over and I haven't done one. I just want to tell my family and friends I appreciate them sending me one. I love it and so just maybe I will get one out next year.
I want to tell all of you Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoy being with family and friends and will be able to feel our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christs love for you.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Procrastination Is My Middle Name

I really hate to admit this, but I think I may be a procrastinator. Ouch! that actually hurts to say or write out loud. I have wanted to write and have had different things I wanted to write to remember forever but now they are long forgotten. My memory is very short lived lately.

I do remember how much fun I had Celebrating Thanksgiving. I am so grateful to be surrounded by family and be able to sit down and eat good food that was prepared with love and if I helped a little stress.

The cousins played around the clock and of course they all want to stay at Grandmas. Poor worn out Grandma and Aunt Tiesha. She is my sister that lives in Gilbert Arizona so when she comes she tends to have alot of my children. But she did get a break one day? All the girls went shopping on Friday, then went to Breakfast, went to the Santa workshop and then more shopping. We ran into so many friends and family while shopping and I ran into several of nurses that have worked with me over the last year. It was fun to see and visit them somewhere other then at the hospital or dr's office.

On Saturday we went to a movie with all the kids and then the Adults went out to Dinner. I love visiting with my siblings and their spouses. Much better then when my brothers chased me around and through the house when I was little. I would end up running to my moms bedroom locking the door then going in her bathroom locking that door and hiding in a cupboard. Don't worry they didn't beat me but it was the fear. And I am the oldest. Ha ha

My family ended our 12 days of Gratitude and they all loved it. I decided I am going to share one of my sons letter we received from him regarding gratitude.
If you go to Cody's link just hit on latest letter and the letter will pop up.

I don't mention him alot because he is on a mission in Paraguay for 2 years. He will be returning this August and we get to talk to him on Christmas. He is loving it and has grown so much.(Spiritually,mentally, and physically). We love and miss him but so grateful for his example.

As the Christmas season begins I hope you all can enjoy and feel our Saviors love for us. I started listening to Christmas music on Thanksgiving and I'm TRYING to do things with my children that will make our Christmas focused on Christ and not as much on Santa. I love this time of year and as I think of last year at this time, I am so glad(understatement)that its a new year.

Monday, November 22, 2010

What Are You Grateful For?

I just got back from the Breast Cancer Symposium. There was a Doc. Panel with 2 of my favorite Dr's. I have to say when they walked into the room I cried. Not quite sure why, maybe because I feel like they are good, smart, kind Dr's that helped me through the toughest time in my life.

After they spoke they had a lady speak that has survived cancer 3 times and she talked about the importance of attitude. She was good.

After the speakers we preceded into the Dixie Center and did the pink glove dance. It was fun and I felt free.

Then we had a luncheon and Fashion Show. It was a nice day and it is always fun to see other lady's and connect with them.

I thought maybe I would go Christmas shopping after but I was tired, well actually exhausted and I just came home and laid on my bed. Since I chose to lay in bed I should be making dinner instead of writing, so this will be short and sweet. What should I make? What are you making for dinner?

My kids have been having fun with coming up with what they are grateful for. I thought I would list a few.

Asia-As she giggles she says Jesus
-My family

Savannah-That I have a mom that tucks me into bed each night.
-That I am beautiful(I'm glad she thinks that, but we did laugh).

Rudy-For Dr's that help us get better, like fixing my knee so I could walk.
-For my Teacher Mr. Adams

Kylie-For my mom & Dad that gives us a home and a warm bed to climb into at night.
-For a bathroom that has a toilet that flushes, she then reminds us that Grandma had a outhouse when she grew up.

Jimmy-For my girlfriend
-For School(Surprise)

These are a few of the things they have said, we have had alot of fun. They have all mentioned how hard it is to just choose one each night. They have said that they do realize they are very lucky and very blessed. I think they are wise realizing so young.

Monday, November 15, 2010

What Else But Gratitude!

Our family started are yearly tradition yesterday. It is the 12 days until Thanksgiving. Every year I think I will do it all month but I am not that organized.
We start the 12 day count down by listing something we are grateful for each night. Then on different nights we will have stories on gratitude or we will write letters or notes to whomever my children want to tell that they are grateful for. We will do random service projects for someone and of course bake cookies for someone. My kids get excited and it makes them think and realize that they have a wonderful life and our lucky. Each night is alittle different. I also get excited, but since I'm not as organized as I would like to be or try to be, it can stress me alittle by the end. I hate to admit that!
I have been debating on if I should share this story but hopefully it won't come back to bite me. We started out sharing one thing we are grateful for and when it was Rudy's turn
he said in all seriousness "I am grateful for my privates".
I said " What did you say?"
Rudy "My privates"
I said "Why would you say that?'
Rudy"Heavenly Father is smart, I had the worst stomach ache and after going the bathroom I thought to myself, that would be so gross if that just stayed in my body, and my stomach would be so full and look fat if all the water I drank never came out of me.
I said "yes that is true with a sigh of relief"
Rudy "I am glad that we have privates and they work so good"
I said "Me to"
That was not the answer I was prepared for. I was waiting for some answer like he was glad to have friends or glad for his dad, not privates. Ha ha
I had Dr. Appointments last week that were rescheduled for this week. I was sick last week so I am glad I didn't have to go. But it will be a busy week and I hope they can figure out why I keep getting pain in my eye, cheek and top of my head. When it hurts and I get frustrated I remind myself how grateful I am that it is not cancer.

Here is a gratitude Quote for this post-
"If a fellow isn't thankful for what he's got, he isn't likely to be thankful for what he's going to get". Frank A. Clark
"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." John F. Kennedy